Friday, February 12, 2016

Postpartum weight loss: How I lost all the baby weight and more

Today, I reached a milestone. I stepped on the weighing scale and saw a number I have not seen in so many years! As of this morning, I am 57.7kg (127lbs or 9 stones). That means I have lost 25.3kg in the past fourth months since giving birth to Daniel. It has not been easy and I did not lose it all naturally! I've reached this stage after a lot of determination, hard work, and sweat. Here I'm going to share how I managed to go down from a UK size 16 to a 10.
First off I want to stress that four weeks postpartum I had stopped breastfeeding for health reasons and would strongly discourage any breastfeeding mum from following my diet as it would interfere with milk production. However, the work-out routine you can certainly do.


Breakfast- a slice of brown bread or bread crackers, smoked turkey or salmon, and a small spoon of low fat cottage cheese. Water and diet coke.

Midday snack: An apple and water

Lunch/dinner: I would combine these two and have a late lunch/early dinner.  Most days I had a chicken breast and veggies in tomato sauce, all roasted in the oven. If I was still hungry I'd have a plain salad. Water and diet coke again. When sick of chicken, I would have oven roasted salmon in soy sauce with mushrooms, bell peppers, and a spring onion.

Weekly cheat meal: You can have one cheat meal a week. Go as crazy as you want.

Just to note these meals worked for me, and they suited me best as they were the quickest things to make. There are thousands of recipes online of low-fat meals if you need inspiration. The aim is not to exceed 1,200 calories a day.


My beloved sister, Ness, introduced me to a workout app on the Apple store that has become my home gym. All workouts can be done as home and need no equipment. The app is called Sworkit. There are free versions and a Pro full version for GB2.99.

Daily I would do a total of 30 minutes of strength exercises. Ten minutes of lower body exercises, 10 minutes of core exercises, and 10 minutes upper body exercises. Some of the workouts were hard to begin with (like burpees and push-ups) so I replaced them with squats. A month into the exercises I introduced weights for squatting and upper body workouts. These exercises are high intensity and make you sweat. You will feel sick afterwards and like someone has beaten you up. That's a good thing! The beauty of this workout is that you don't have to do 30 minutes straight, you can do as much or as little as your time allows. For myself I found waking up early and doing the workouts before the kids woke up was best, or during their afternoon naps.

Now that I have exceeded my goal I am only doing 10-15 minutes twice a week of core exercises to get my tummy into shape after having two kids.

Honestly, mums, don't bother with slim-fast snacks and all those junk 'low-fat' food and certainly don't get any belly belts, they are a waste of money. There's no easy way around it. You will need to sweat!

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