Monday, November 3, 2014

Mummy problems in the UAE

As a mum, there are two things that I hate, HATE, more than anything in the world, both only discovered recently (well, since I had a baby).

I have to tell you the story first so you can get a feel of all that anger and pain.

After waiting for what felt like an hour outside an elevator at Dubai Mall (Dubai’s busiest and biggest mall) with a very fussy baby, three people see that its about to arrive and come barging in front of me. After that, there was very little space for me and my pram to go in. The three people that went in made sure to spread out and completely ignored my existence so I don’t even ask them to budge. So then I had to wait for another billion years until their majesties got off on their floor and the elevator came back around.

I just don’t understand why anyone who is perfectly capable of taking the escalator needs to take the elevator. Especially that where I was in Dubai Mall, the escalator was RIGHT NEXT TO THE ELEVATOR!

I think priority should be for anyone unable to use the escalator, which includes people using a pram!! Every time this happens I have to hold back my anger. My husband, too. I think one of these days we will both explode. I fear we will explode on the same stranger.

The second thing which annoys me even MORE are people using handicap/baby changing toilets when they clearly shouldn’t be.

These are designed for a) anyone handicapped and b) mummy’s who want to change their baby’s nappy. Just because there is a long queue for the loo does not mean people who do not fall under category a) or b) should EVER use these toilets.

I’m not sure if mummies in other countries encounter the same problems, but these are my biggest mummy problems in the UAE.