Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Social life after the baby

Two months ago Hassan (my hubby) and I were invited to a colleague's house for a movie screening. We had this idea that maybe our then 3 month old would be kind enough to sleep for at least half the movie and give his parents a much needed break. A break to feel normal and that we weren’t missing out on anything. But as soon as we reached said house, Omer could not stop screaming. It could have been the lighting at the place, the change in surrounding, or just the sheer volume of change in the world - a world little Omer is yet to come to terms with.

After a few minutes (which felt like a year) we decided to leave because nothing would calm Omer down. He had screamed to the point of no return. So we went home.

I am sure that everyone else there who heard about our failed attempt felt sorry for us and probably happy that they don’t have to deal with that just yet. They might not have felt that, but that’s what I imagined went on in their minds. I could be wrong.

Anyway we get in the car and Omer still wont came down. Me and Hassan are panicked and stressed, until it happened.

“Ekko,” Omer cooed, then he smiled. Then it was all OK. It totally made up for everything. EVERYTHING!

A baby changed our life, but not the worse. True, our social life has turned into play dates and returning home after a huge poop explosion, a baby meltdown, or for Omer’s oddly timed bed-times, but it has all been compensated by family life.

I don’t miss going to the movies, I don’t miss going out with Hassan when I want, where I want, or not having to worry if a place is baby friendly. I love waking up at night to a playful Omer. I love hearing Omer’s dad try to imitate animal sounds and fail miserably. I love hearing other parents talk about their kids, I love always having something, rather someone, to talk about. I love it all, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I know a few who would not be ready for such a dramatic social change, but I think deep down me and Hassan were ready (even though we will always say we weren’t).

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