Sunday, October 5, 2014

14 things to do when your wife is pregnant

I was delighted to hear that I’ve had some male readers! So for those out there who plan on starting a family, read on.

1. Get excited! When she tells you she is pregnant, you better show her that you’re ecstatic. Just remember your wife will be watching your reaction and will probably never forget this moment. She is also buried under a mountain of fears and excitement. Do NOT add to the fears!

2 . Show interest Read with her. I’m not saying go and buy daddy or pregnancy books, but show that you are genuinely interested in that tiny little fetus. 

3. Do the nursery 
If you are planning a nursery, be the handy man you like to think you are. Your wife may want to do everything herself. If so, then just offer help. If it’s clear she is too tired to work on the nursery, tell her to kick her feet up and you go do the work.

4. Buy everything she craves
Don’t question her cravings. Even if she tells you she wants a pickle and nutella sandwich, you go do it for her! And just so you know, pregnancy cravings are unlike any other cravings. Pregnancy cravings are more like if-you-don’t-get-this-for-me-now-I-will-destroy-you.

5. Buy her a mother’s day gift If it’s mother’s day and she is pregnant, buy her something. She will be touched. She might even curse you less, if you’re lucky.

6. Buy her more gifts She will tell you she doesn’t want anything, or that she wants to save the money for the baby, but buy her something small every now and then. She might feel ugly and disgusting, so make her feel special. Surprises are nice and anything to take her mind off the morning sickness/stretch marks/acidity/labour is always good. 


7. Be a house-husband Do the chores. Do NOT wait for your pregnant wife to tell you to go wash the dishes, trust me, you don’t want to anger it. Once your wife tells you she is pregnant just have it set in your mind that you will be doing everything: the cleaning, the dusting, the vacuuming, the dishes, the laundry. Everything! for at least nine months, then a couple after that.

8. Book a couples' maternity massage 
Pamper her, do whatever it takes to make her happy. A couples' massage could be a great treat for both of you. If in Abu Dhabi I recommend the Zen Spa at the Beach Rotana (it is DIVINE). A pregnant woman won't be able to go in her first trimester, so make sure it's safe before booking an appointment.

9. Let her win every fight Your wife is pretty much a walking steaming hot incubator. Don’t add to the fumes. Plus, stress isn’t good for the baby.


10. Let her name the baby She carried it for nine months while you did nothing! And what's coming next will make the pregnancy seem like a walk in the park. Let her have this!! 


11. Keep your fridge well stocked She will be waking up in the middle of the night, hungry. To avoid having to make trips to a 24/7 supermarket, make sure the fridge has everything she could possibly crave in a 24-hour period.

12. Don't expect a pregnancy glow What you see in movies is not real. Pregnant women in those movies are not pregnant. SURPRISE! They are photoshopped models with a pillow up their shirt. The pregnancy glow is mythical. Just appreciate the fact that your wife is growing a human and compliment her once in a while. That's all we want.

13. In the labour room Your role here is vital! Your encouragement and telling your wife what’s really going on is so important, I can not stress this enough. It will give her the drive to keep pushing. A woman who reaches this stage of labour will be exhausted and will need all the encouragement she can get. Plus, she cannot see what's going on down her.

14. Finally, let her curse You may find that your wife has lost some of her.. let’s say femininity. So if she wants to curse just let her get it all out now while the baby is still inside.

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