Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9 things to do before getting pregnant

I won't lie, learning that I was pregnant came as a big little shock to me. Even if you plan on getting pregnant, as soon as you see the positive sign on a pregnancy test you will have an OMG! moment. You will realise there is no turning back. That’s it, it happened. A ton of thoughts and emotions will begin to race through your head, and your pregnancy hormones will make everything worse!
One thing you could do, though, is prepare yourself.

1) Book a holiday

Rekindle with your significant other and go away somewhere, anywhere. Holidays from the UAE are less expensive than other places, take advantage of that! It might be the last time you get to travel alone as a couple. You need this time together. Trust me.

2) Go to the dentist

Before I got pregnant I went to the dentist, I didn't know I was about to get pregnant, I just needed to go. I'm so happy that I did. I spent the first four months of pregnancy puking everything and didn’t even want to think what damage that did to my teeth. If I hadn’t just been to the dentist, I would have needed to while pregnant! You really don't want to do that. Even if it's just for a cleaning, just go and see your dentist.

3) Detox

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a coke/pepsi addict. I would always have a can of coke in my hand instead of a glass of water. Do your body a favour and relieve it from any bad eating or drinking habits. You don’t need to do anything drastic, just do what you know needs to be done to get healthier.

4) Take vitamins

Why not? It's good for you, and what your body doesn't need it will pass anyway. But stay away from high dosages of vitamin A, which could actually cause birth defects. And to help prevent birth defects, start taking folic acid for at least a whole month before getting pregnant. You can get this at any pharmacy.

5) Go on a diet

If you are a little bit chubbier than you'd like to be, start dieting. You will get much bigger, and as happy as you'll be that your little one is growing inside of you, seeing your weight jump up so quickly won't be easy. Do not, however, join a gym. I joined Gold’s Gym at A Wahda Mall and till today have not set foot in there.

6) Dye your hair

Go for a look that would need very low maintenance. You won't want to be making regular trips to your hairdresser and smelling all the dying fumes while pregnant. Good options would be going back to your natural colour or going ombré.
And while you're at it, ask your stylist to give you tips on easy hair dos. When you feel like death, you will want the easiest hair dos possible. If you are in Abu Dhabi, I recommend Beauty Spot salon at Eastern Mangroves Hotel.

7) Clean your home and set up a cleaning service

I mean clean everything. Inside out. Anything that needs fixing, get it fixed, any furniture that needs to be sold, sell it. Make space in your closet, you need the space for your maternity gear. And this will come as no surprise, you might not have energy to clean while pregnant. Get a cleaning service. I used They are pretty good.

8) Hold back on shopping

If you must because there’s a sale or something, then only buy loose clothes! I shopped the weekend before I found I was pregnant at Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi (this time last year!). I went all out and ended up not wearing any of it! Even if you don't ballon up as fast as I did, you will want to wear loose comfy clothes, and you’ll be too tired to shop in your early months.

9) Teach your hubby how to cook

I craved big breakfasts during my first few months. I needed them to help with my morning sickness. Somehow it worked. I actually convinced my hubby on some weekends to take me to random Rotana hotels in Dubai just for the breakfast buffet. I don’t blame my hubby, but it would have been great if he knew how to make big breakfasts! Now is a good time to teach your hubby (or buy him some cooking books!)

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