Sunday, September 28, 2014

13 tips on surviving your first trimester

Apparently, just over half of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, and half of those end up actually throwing up. That would make me one of the unluckiest bunch.

I remember when it hit me. I was 6 weeks along and on holiday in Turkey with my hubby, and then all of a sudden it was as if someone turned on a button in my head. Suddenly my body realised it was pregnant and didn’t seem to be handling it all that well.

First of all, whoever came up with the term 'morning' sickness clearly never had it. It is all day long sickness. As soon as you wake up and even before you open your eyes, you're nauseous. My sickness was most intense from week 6 to 13. I only discovered ways to ease the nausea by the end. I'll be sharing them in this post so at least you guys can prepare.

1. Get rid of anything scented

With a heightened sense of smell you will not want to smell ANYTHING because you will be smelling EVERYTHING! And all the smells you loved before pregnancy you will probably no longer stand. Just prepare by switching from a spray on deodorant to a roll on of some sort. Get a shampoo that smells of nothing, it's hard, I know, but try. I couldn't find any myself so just ended up using a different shampoo every week. Get unscented soap bars and don't use perfume as much as you can. And don’t forget to let your colleagues at work know what's going on. Don't be like me and put up with it for months without saying anything and then taking it out at the people at home.

2. Chew gum

A lot of people gave me tips to get rid of that all day nauseousness (which I am grateful for) but nothing seemed to work! Ginger bread cookies didn’t help. Stuffing my face with crackers as soon as I woke up didn't either. I was STILL nauseous nauseous nauseous!! To make it worse I had this disgusting after taste after every meal. Chewing gum was the only way I survived it. It might not work for you, or it might just be the answer!

3. Snack

Try to keep eating to help with the sickness. Healthy food, obviously, or you’ll gain weight as quick as me.

4. Toothpaste

The worse part. Every time I brushed my teeth when pregnant I would throw up! The toothbrush would make me gag and the toothpaste was so disgusting that it made me sick. I could not stand the mint!! And all toothpastes seem to have that flavour! Argh!! I needed a solution, I could not go on 9 months with or without brushing my teeth. So I ended up using children toothpaste and the smallest toothbrush in the store. The children's toothpaste was not super strong minty flavored, it was so mild that it was tolerable. This got me through the first six months.

5. Stay away from milk and ice cream

You may crave them, but they are the most likely things that will make you feel so gross and throw up. Even though your body needs the calcium! Compensate with taking calcium pills.

6. Get hair packages

If your hair is unmanageable unless straightened, consider going to a nearby salon and ask if they can give you discounts or a package for hair blow-drys. That way you won't feel too guilty for spending a fortune on your hair when your too tired to do it yourself.

7. Take time off work

Take time off between 8 and 11 weeks when morning sickness reaches it speak. You probably won't enjoy your holiday, but beats being at work.

8. Stay away from fast food

Again, you are likely going to crave for them, but it will make you feel so gross that it's just not worth it. Besides, these things aren't nutritious for the baby. Go for grilled salmon instead!

9. Take meds if you have to

I was too sick to function and needed to take really strong pills because all the over the counter meds didn’t work on me. I also needed them to keep food down. I ended up taking Zofran. Beware of side effects though. You will probably need to take stool softeners. That’s all I’ll say.

10. Keep a record of all symptoms

You need to keep your doctor informed. Even if they don’t show much interest or ask. Tell them everything! Everything!

11. Read blogs and watch video logs

Pregnancy vlogs helped me a lot. At least through that I knew what to expect. It was also reassuring to watch 40-week pregnant women still functioning and smiling to the camera. I also recommend downloading the babycenter app and joining a birth club. And to keep you motivated, watch proper pregnancy updates from babycenter and NHS. When you see your baby’s amazing journey inside the womb you might stop thinking that you have it rough.

12. Change your bed side

Move to wherever is closer to the door/toilet. You'll know why soon enough. Also, remove any obstacles on the way to the toilet.

13. Don't worry

Don't read awful stories about pregnancy and what could go wrong. Worrying about it won't help in any way. It could actually make things worse. Just don't worry, you'll be fine.

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